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Mercy Care Clinic

The Mercy Care Clinic is headed by Sam Kagiri and his wife, Caroline. They are dedicated to provide medical care for every patient regardless of their ability to pay. Many people die from illnesses like worms, malaria, or pneumonia simply because they are unable to afford medical care. Many families are forced to choose between food for their family for the week or a $5 medication to treat these illnesses. Sam is also a Pastor of a church in Masaka and frequently takes in and helps church members in needs. 


Sonrise Children's Home

Sonrise was started to care for children who cannot stay in their homes due to death, illness, or lack of provision. The Children’s Home cares for the children 4 years to 14 years old. They provide a safe place for the children to live, schooling, and a close-knit family environment. They are in the process of building a new facility and school because they have outgrown their current location. The new location will also enable them to help serve the local community by opening the school and a vocational program. They currently have 46 children under their care. It is headed up by Ivan and Melissa Mukulu and Brenda Arinda. 


Murungi Fold

Murungi Fold works with students from Bududa in Eastern Uganda. Many children there were orphaned in 2014 by landslides that killed many living on the hillsides. They provide schooling, food, and a hope for a future for these students. They are in the process of building a school in Bududa now so that they will be able to work with more children in the community more efficiently. Murungi Fold was started and is headed by Salima Alidongira and Julius Nyerere.


Sonrise Baby's Home

Sonrise Baby's Home is partnered with the Children's Home. They care for babies newborn through 3 years old. The children then move up to the Children's Home. They currently have over 30 babies and toddlers who have been put in their care due death of the parents or illness. Oftentimes, the babies are left with Sonrise out of desperation from the mothers who simply cannot provide for them and they don't want to watch them starve to death. It is headed up by Damali Manyindo and Catherine Adong. They have 8 "Aunties" who help care for the children 24/7.


Wise Servant Care

Wise Servant Care helps to provide care and food for several leper colonies in Uganda. Many suffering from leprosy are ostracized from their family and community due to the stigma of leprosy. Many of them live off of just $3-4 a month and many only are able to afford to get food when it is provided by Wise Servant Care. The ministry is headed by Pastor Geoff Hubbard of Bedford, VA who saw the need several years ago and has worked to help raise awareness to help provide food and a clean water well at each of the colonies. 


Silent Whispers

Silent Whispers is headed by Godfrey Masenge. They help provide funding for medical care and assistance for pregnant teens in one of the poorest areas of Jinja, Uganda. Many of the girls are victims of rape and molestation and have not finished school to be able to get a job and care for their child. Silent Whispers is in the process of starting a vocational training program to help the girls and other in the community to learn a trade and be able to support themselves and their children.

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