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You can help change lives in Uganda with just $15 a month.


Through Murungi Fold School, that helps ensure that 1 child will be able to attend school, receive two meals per day, and have a hope for the future through education. When you select to give monthly, we can connect you with a specific student so you can write to them and receive letters from them. 

Through Mercy Care Clinic, that provides 2 people with potentially life-saving medications treating them for everything from malaria to high blood pressure or ulcers.

Through Silent Whispers, that helps provide posho (Corn flour) for 1 family a month or helps ensure one young lady can have the medical care and equipment needed to give birth at a hospital instead of in unsanitary conditions.

You have an opportunity to help support some of these great ministries that Liberty International Ministries. LIM has pledged to be the eyes and ears of people around the world so they can see the work that is being done in Uganda and partner with them. LIM ensures that all of the money donated goes directly to the ministries in Uganda. Any amount helps these ministries grow and impact more people in Uganda. 

When donating, it will go into the General Fund unless noted on there for a specific ministry. The General Fund is used towards the area of greatest need at any given time. 

You can also donate directly to LIM by sending a check or money order to:


Liberty International Ministries

1987 Big Island Hwy

Bedford, VA 24523 USA

You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for any donation LIM receives. We thank you for the support. 

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